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About The Ultium Network

The Ultium Network is a new Minecraft server for 1.8.x - 1.12.x players. Whilst being new they have over 70+ plugins active within the server, one of them being the famous SlimeFun plugin, plus mutliple of the addons for the plugin. The Ultium Network is working on their official website, but it's out for public view here;! The Ultium Network purpose is to be a "Network", which is why it's called "The Ultium Network", as of right now they are trying to get everything sorted out, so mainly right now it's a Factions server, with SlimeFun and Tardis plugins to help entertain our players whilst we work hard to create the Network section of the server. Come and join us on our Discord, which is where we are majorly active at currently, you can ask questions you may have or just chat with the staff members of The Ultium Network.



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