Too Many Cows SMP
Owner Vectorzip
Status online
Players 28/65
Rank 146
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 1 minute(s) ago
Country United States

Fun SMP server with a great community


-Economy (Server shop, money, trading)

-Basic Essentials commands (/home, /tpa, /warp and more)

-Grief protection (Free claim blocks to protect your work)

-Level ranks and kits (as you gain XP ingame, your server level will also go up, displaying next to your name and unlocking cool new kits as you level up)

-Random TP (You no longer have to \"walk 300 blocks from spawn\" to start building, you can just do /rtp and teleport to a random place in the world

-Server and area rollback (Griefer destroyed your unclaimed work? No problem! Mods can rollback the area your house was in to perfect shape, and ban the griefer)

-Tree assist (Trees get cut down automatically if you chop their trunk)