Uncharted SMP!

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About Uncharted SMP!

Welcome to Uncharted SMP!

We’re a non-grief and non-PvP server for those who want a more laid back Minecraft experience. We hail from all over the world; furthermore, everyone on the server prides themselves on being open and friendly. So never hesitate to ask us questions on our Discord or right inside the server!

Survival not enough for you? Looking for something completely laid back? Along with survival, we also have a Creative world and Minigames.

Or if you just want vanilla, there’s a whole world for you to explore!

Ranks are secondary for us, we want you to have fun, not focus on moving up—everyone’s here for the same reason, to play Minecraft. Abuse and bullying are not tolerated here, that includes treating staff or other players in any way that is considered disrespectful (read our rules!), so be nice!

So relax, build, mine, and have a great time! Stay wild!



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