VanillaO - Survival with a twist
  • Minecraft 1.12.2
  • brandonxdxd
  • flag United States of America
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About VanillaO - Survival with a twist



VanillaO is a fresh full-on vanilla experience! Founded on 1/29/2018, much land is open and no towns officially founded.

What's great about VanillaO:

- VanillaO is completely ran SOLO by me, no other staff are on the server nor do I plan on having any for a good amount of time, having the server ran solo by me allows more room for other players to have an impact. You don't have to worry about input from abusive/corrupt staff members. I will stay neutral on any controversial subjects brought up on the server.

- VanillaO is COMMUNITY BASED, any requests will be voted through the community and only the community. You are free to create your own government, conquer land, create settlements, etc.. Do what you want!


- When was VanillaO founded? VanillaO was founded on 1/29/2018.

- Do you need staff? As of now I'm currently in no search of staff, through many weeks/months I do plan on awarding active/trusted players the role of moderator.

- Can I make my own town/government? Absolutely! We strive to make the server as community based as possible. Do whatever you please (as long as it stays in area of rules).

VanillaO wishes you all the best of time on our server and I hope you truly experience the vanilla we always and will continue to bring.


- Emeralds are now global currency (you may use your own town/empire currency)

- Spawn is finished, created by 4fo.



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