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Welcome to Vanilla.RIP:


BOOM! You just woke up in a fiery crater in the middle of nowhere... You don't know where you are or when you are... You don't know anything! This place is familiar though, it gives you a feeling, a feeling like home. But before you can think about what to do, the darkness conumes you. You see visions, happiness, color. You look closer. Something is happening. Everything burns. And the memories start pouring back. You remember Earth, and your mission. Your mission to save the world. Its hot. Too hot. You wake up in a fireball and start running. You look around... this place you remember is Earth. You realize you are one of the last, you failed your mission. But instead of letting the failure consume you, you get up and put the past behind you. Now you decide. Will you build an empire... or will you burn one down


As most of you know, a good server must have good staff. Our great Owner, slack, has handpicked the finest recruits for this task. Currently we have an admin and a helper. williumat, our helpful, eager helper, is always ready to answer any questions you may have about the server. And our resident admin, Netherworld15, will oversee the server while slack is busy and make sure you have the best time possible.