Owner Kidnappings
Status offline
IP vortexfactions.mygs.co
Players 0/0
Rank 1044
Votes 0
Uptime 99.9%
Last Check 1 minute(s) ago
Country United States

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We are looking for good staff members!

Hello and welcome to my server. This server is for people like me who just want to spend good time, building a base, having an army and raiding other people's bases. Make a faction, claim your land, protect your land, destroy other lands. But for all of that, you need to have something. And to get that \"something\" you need to have money. Well, there are several ways to get money. The usual ways to make money are getting jobs which are available for you to see using /jobs browse and auctioning items which can be done using the /auction command. You can also sell items in shops. The good thing about our server is the community. People here are matured and friendly and would most likely help you out if you have any problem. The server is currently running 300 slots since it was opened yesterday but if there are more peoples, we will increase the number of slots. I really want to see you guys on the server and you might be on a video. See ya and hope you have a great day.