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IP wyrmland.ml
Website https://discord.gg/V55EKY
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Country United States

Hello ^_^

This is the first time posting this server to the public! (super exciting!!)

Our motto is Simply Simple. The goal of this server is to make friends. We are a home for those who don't quite fit anywhere else. The community is the driving force behind everything that happens in Wyrmland.


- All commands and plugins are voted in by the players. No unwanted \"features\" being pushed to you by staff that are out of touch.

- There is no teleporting... Remember where you go.

- There is no land protection... yet. Build far away to be safe.

- There is no world border. Take refuge wherever you'd like.

- There are no staff applications. You will be privately interviewed by the server owner if they wish for you to be staff.

Current Plugins: Chop Tree (trees fall down if you break their base)

Current Commands: /msg, /help (displays updated list of commands)