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★ Diseases: players can get these diseases which will give them negative effects. See spoiler for more information.

★ Optimised Server: it will use less resources less RAM and a lower CPU usage than other non-optimised servers.

★ Well-Decorated Spawn: particles, NPCs and custom heads are used to decorate the spawn to make it look

★ Custom Terrain Generation: amazing custom terrain.

★ Custom Structure Generation: structures such as tents, graveyards, houses, villages, ships, ports and so much more that contain loot!

★ Furniture: that is right! Players can now have their own furniture that can be achieved through the daily reward system. This includes: chairs, tables, tents, camera, sofas, hammocks, TVs, candles, lamps, flags, fences... and so much more! Players can also sit on the chairs!

★ Custom Mobs with Modified Attributes: are you tired of seeing the same Minecraft mobs To make your server even better, custom mobs with special effects have been added that spawn during the night along with the default ones. Example of some mobs: skeleton knight riding a horse, zombie knight riding a zombie horse, deadly spider... and much more!

★ Big Buckets: multiple water/lava/milk buckets in one bucket! This saves your players from carrying a ton of buckets everywhere. They can be received from the daily reward.

★ BannerBoards: these are here to replace the overused holograms. They look much cleaner and are dotted around the spawn to indicate certain places. No texture pack is needed.