Xylonia PvE
Owner capizzle
Status online
IP MC.Xylonia.net
Website http://Xylonia.net
Players 0/50
Rank 46
Votes 352
Uptime 100%
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country United States

Hello and Welcome to Xylonia PvE! As you may have been able to tell by our name, we are a Player vs. Environment server. This means that players fight against the world to survive. Our server had previously been up since 2012 but we took a short break and are now back! We have a very unique combination of plugins that allow players to have a more enjoyable experience than your average vanilla server. A few of the custom features that we have include:

Custom Mob drops for a wider variety of enchantments and tools to use/trade

Key Crates containing special loot that are only able to be opened with special keys dropped randomly from mobs throughout the world

Pay Checks and lotteries to keep the economy flowing along with quests and jobs

Player shops to allow for easy money making

The ability to silk touch spawners Custom Claims that allow you to claim virtually anywher