Owner xfish2002jx
Status offline
Website https://yqmc.enjin.com/
Players 0/40
Rank 1084
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 9 second(s) ago
Country United States

Description YQMC is a Spigot 1.12.2 server featuring SMP, Parkour, Creative plots, and PvP. I've been having such a fun time competing with friends in build contests in the creative world, just messing around, and helping set up the main hub and other warps and buildings. Right now it's still a pretty small server, but we have a great community so far. Features

Disabled Firespread

Disabled TnT



etc.. and more to come!


No Hacks/Cheats

No mods that provide an unfair advantage

No PvP unless both parties consent to it or in PvP world

Do not steal or grief

No racism/ harassment of any kind

Respect others in general

Ask before building close to someone. Use your own judgment on proper distance and please leave them plenty of space for future projects and expansions. You are free to exploit any glitches within Minecraft itself as long as it is within reason and does not ruin the experience for others. Use common sense and if you're unsure don't be afraid to ask. HOWEVER, no duping WHATSOEVER!